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    Ubiquitous Sense

iBS01 Series Tag

Sensor Tags for WSN, Asset Tracking and various IoT applications


Different models ready to use.

Low power

Battery life over 1000 days with 2x CR2032 battery.


Extend to Cloud with Beacon Gateway


Various sensors technology for complex application


The benefits


58mm X 42mm x 10mm

Low Power

Battery life over 1000 days with 2x CR2032 battery

Operating Temperature

-20º to 60º Celsius

Alarm Button

Push button for fast advertising as alarming.

Open/Close Detect

iBS01H model has a Hall sensor for door open/close detection application

Temeraure/Humidity Sensing

iBS01T model has a Temperature/Humidity sensor for environment sensing application

Moving Detection

iBS01G model has a accerlerameter for moving/vibration detection

And much more!

Still growing


See what it can do for you

iBS01: Basic beacon for tracking

iBS01H: Beacon with magnet sensor (Hall IC) for open/close detection

iBS01T: Temerpature/Humidity sensor beacon

iBS01G: Beacon for moving/vibration detection

iBS02IR: Proximity detection in 30~50cm

iBS02PIR: Human detection sensor w/ 5M range

iBS03/T/G: waterproof Hall/Temperature/Accelerometer sensor beacon

iBS04: Keychaing type beacon

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